Engineering Nonlinearity (ENL) Showcase Meeting

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This event took place 5 years ago

The ENL project has kindly allowed the LVV to exhibit at this showcase event, we look forward to meeting you there. You are cordially invited to attend the Engineering Nonlinearity Final Showcase event, to be held on the 3rd and 4th July at the University of Sheffield. It will be the chance for everyone involved in the ENL project, past and present to come together to discuss, debate and update the project’s progress and discuss its impact and legacy.

Attendance at the daytime sessions is free, including refreshments, but you must register to attend by sending an Email to this address – stating whether you will attend for either the 3rd or 4th of July, or for both days.  

The event will take place in The Diamond, the University of Sheffield’s new £81 million award-winning building.

Please visit the Engineering Nonlinearity website for any news and updates regarding the showcase and other ENL activity:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Suzanne Lightfoot at 

Best regards

David Wagg, Geraint Jones and Suzanne Lightfoot, ENL Showcase Organising Committee

Key Dates:

  1. Engineering Nonlinearity (ENL) Showcase Meeting 3rd & 4th July 2017
  1. Agenda Day 1: Monday 3rd July (Lecture Theatre 3, Diamond)
  2. 9:15

    Morning: (Chair: Wagg)

    Welcome and ENL overview by Principal Investigator

  3. 9:45

    Guest Keynote by Professor Mike Brennan "Using the Dynamic Stiffness Method to Interpret Experimental Data from a Nonlinear System"

  4. 10:30

    Coffee break

  5. 11:00

    Early Career Keynote: Nikos Dervilis, University of Sheffield

  6. 11:30

    Theme 1 overview: Keith Worden, University of Sheffield

  7. 12:00

    Research Presentation: Anis Abdessalem, University of Sheffield

  8. 12:30 - 13:45

    Networking lunch & poster session

  9. Afternoon: (Chair: Elliott)

  10. 13:45

    Early Career Keynote: Alessandro Cabboi, University of Sheffield

  11. 14:15

    Theme 2 overview: Robin Langley, University of Cambridge

  12. 14:45

    Research Presentation: Fiorenzo Fazzolari, University of Cambridge

  13. 15:15

    Coffee break

  14. 15:45

    Early Career Keynote: “Nonlinear Modal Testing using Control-based Continuation.”
    Ludovic Renson, University of Bristol

  15. 16:15

    Theme 3 overview: Simon Neild, University of Bristol

  16. 16:45

    Research Presentation: “Nonlinear model updating strategy for structures with
    local nonlinearities”
    , Xing Wang, University of Bristol

  17. 17:15

    Group Photo

  18. Evening: 19:30

    Conference Dinner

  19. Agenda Day 2: Tuesday 4th July (Lecture Theatre 3, Diamond)
  20. 09:00

    Morning: (Chair: Langley)

    Early Career Keynote: Alex Shaw, Swansea University

  21. 09:30

    Theme 4 overview: Mike Friswell, Swansea University

  22. 10:00

    Research Presentation: “Modelling and Experimental Testing of Rotor-Stator contact in
    a Coupled Double Rotor System”Rafael Sanchez Crespo, Swansea University

  23. 10:30

    Coffee break

  24. 11:00

    Early Career Keynote: Irfan Khan, University of Sheffield.

  25. 11:30

    Theme 5 overview: “Nonlinear velocity feedback and dynamic range control”, Steve
    Elliott, University of Southampton

  26. 12:00

    Early Career Keynote: Ifigeneia Antoniadou, University of Sheffield.

  27. 12:30 - 14:00

    Networking lunch & poster session

  28. Afternoon: (Chair: Neild)

  29. 14:00

    Industry collaboration lecture: "Control rod performance modelling", Mark Bateman,
    EDF Energy & Malcolm Scott, University of Sheffield

  30. 14:30

    Research Presentation: Maryam Ghandchi Tehrani, University of Southampton

  31. 15:00

    Coffee break

  32. 15:30

    Early Career Keynote: Julian Londono, University of Exeter

  33. 16:00

    Early Career Keynote: Julian Londono, University of ExeterResearch Presentation: Thibaut Putelat, University of Bristol

  34. 16:30

    Poster prize award & close of meeting

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